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AlterG® VIA

Anti-gravity test and training system

The mysterious space has always been the target of human exploration, and each new discovery has provided humans with more understanding of the world. Based on the special environment of zero gravity in space, the US AlterG and NASA have reached a technical cooperation alliance to use the Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology to allow patients to recover in a painless and unrestricted exercise environment. Build muscle strength and range of activity. Based on the Differential Air Pressure technology and different rehabilitation stages, the weight-bearing value of the patient in the pressurized bag can increase or decrease within the range of 20% -100% of his body weight, and the adjustment accuracy is as low as 1%.

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Differential Air Pressure Technology

  • The pressurized bag generates a reaction force against the user's weight to reduce the effective weight applied to the ground.

  • The pressure-increasing bag is provided with an air inlet hole and an air-vent hole, under the constant pressure load, to ensure the air flow in the pressure-increasing bag and improve the comfort of the patient.

  • By reducing the gravity load and weight evenly with the pressurized bag, patients can exercise without restrictions and painlessly and safely, improve muscle strength, range of motion, balance ability, functional activity ability and overall health.



  • Orthopedic rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation of internal diseases

  • Neurology rehabilitation

  • Geriatric rehabilitation 


AlterG® VIA Smart Gait Analysis System

  • Pain record

  • Step balance

  • Symmetry of stride

  • Bearing symmetry

  • Support time symmetry

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