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Modern Active Rehabilitation Concept

According to the International Classification of Functions, Disability and Health (ICF) of the International Health Organization, "mobility" and "participation ability" have become the main goals of modern medical rehabilitation. The modern active rehabilitation concept advocated by Soreha is focused on the patient's functional recovery and return to society. It combines traditional rehabilitation methods with MTT medical training therapy to form a more comprehensive multidisciplinary comprehensive rehabilitation concept. MTT Medical Training Therapy uses systematic and planned active exercises and training to maintain, improve, and reconstruct the function and structure of the damaged human body to help the body reactivate physiological responses.

Three Aspects of  Medical Training Therapy

Medical refers to the use of medical knowledge of human physiology, pathological structure and function to accurately determine the cause of the disease and targeted treatment.

Training refers to the use of a scientific system of active training methods to control the training load to improve body function.

Therapy refers to the comprehensive treatment using multiple methods to achieve the goal of treating both the symptoms and the symptoms. It is a part of the multidisciplinary comprehensive rehabilitation therapy concept. It is an effective supplement to traditional physical therapy (electrotherapy, ultrasound, laser, massage, Chinese medicine) and other passive treatments, occupational therapy, cognitive therapy and speech therapy. It is widely used in European and American countries. A variety of musculoskeletal disorders and nerve injury patients also have excellent effects on geriatric diseases and professional athletes.

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