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Extrazell Extracellular Matrix ECM Therapy Biomechanical Stimulation (BMS)

There are many reasons for inducing pain, such as trauma, biomechanical abnormalities, diseases, surgery, etc. Pain has also become one of the important factors affecting the quality of life of patients. In 2001, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially listed pain as the fifth vital sign after body temperature, breathing, pulse, and blood pressure.

How to effectively relieve pain is a major problem for rehabilitation therapists. Because in clinic, many patients with chronic pain or postoperative pain can relieve symptoms through treatment, but the patient's pain will also occur repeatedly. The fundamental reason is that conventional therapy can only relieve soft tissue tension, and it is almost impossible to effectively activate and purify Extracellular matrix, improve metabolism, maintain body fluid acid-base balance, fundamentally speed up the rehabilitation process, relieve tension, eliminate inflammation, cure both symptoms and symptoms, and remove pain.


Function and importance of extracellular matrix ECM

Extracellular matrix (ECM) is not only responsible for transporting nutrients and excreting metabolic end products, but also a place for hormone control, plant-based regulation and immune defense functions. Therefore, as early as 1940, the Austrian medical scientist Dr. Alfred Pischinger proposed that "extracellular matrix (ECM) is of high importance in biomedicine. The exchange of most regulatory systems occurs in the extracellular matrix, while Toxins are also present or stored in the matrix, leading to various disorders and lesions, even intracellular disorders and lesions. "

Serious effects caused by abnormal extracellular matrix

Once the extracellular matrix is abnormal, it will cause abnormal metabolism of nutrients, oxygen, metabolic end products and other substances, resulting in anaerobic metabolism of the cell, excessive lactic acid production, tissue acidosis, and the breakdown of the extracellular matrix body fluid acid-base balance causing chronic pain Chronic pain and chronic inflammation of soft tissues such as muscles and fascia. Based on the above theoretical foundation and experimental research, after years of development and practice, extracellular matrix (ECM) therapy has formed a mature and effective treatment system.

Clinical research and practice

German Extrazell Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Therapy Biomechanical Stimulation Therapeutic Apparatus, referred to as BMS Therapeutic Apparatus, is a therapeutic apparatus that uses Biomechanical Stimulation (BMS) to activate and purify biological extracellular matrix. BMS Therapeutic Apparatus adopts German extracellular matrix therapy. The product design concept follows the scientific basis and medically approved treatment guidelines. It fundamentally treats the cause, accelerates the rehabilitation process, and prevents injuries.

The BMS therapy device was validated and clinically tested by the German testing and certification company TÜV. After more than 400 clinical patients, one year of clinical research and practice, the patient has no contraindications or side effects, and the treatment is painless. Clinical test reports show that the treatment and rehabilitation of joint pain, muscle and fascia tension problems, as well as chronic pain and inflammation and almost all types of sports injuries, have a rapid effect. Many original treatments require months or even years of treatment. Using the BMS treatment device requires only 6-9 treatments, which can significantly improve the patient's symptoms. Usually the patient can feel obvious effect after the first treatment. This therapy originated from Germany's top professional sports rehabilitation therapy, and it has been spread and applied to mass rehabilitation therapy for many years.


Scientific and innovative design-Archimedes spiral form oscillating head

In 1994, German sports scientist Siegfried Hofmann was influenced by the concept of extracellular matrix (ECM) therapy in different sports events, inventing the first biomechanical stimulation (BMS) therapy device in Germany in the form of an Archimedes spiral Create a special form of the oscillating head (resonator).

The Archimedes spiral produces different path velocities at the same angular velocity on the skin surface. At these rolling moments, stretching is relatively proportional, deep tissues, such as fascia, are at their original length and simultaneously stimulate organs (muscle spindles) that are sensitive to stretching. By stimulating the Golgi apparatus, the muscles associated with alpha motor neurons are suppressed (self-inhibition). This ensures that the total receptors of the tissue are repaired, including proprioceptors (muscle spindle, Golgi body). Healthy organisms need the body to exercise calmly (vagus nerve) and active movement (sympathetic nerve) to fully activate the vibration range. The specific harmonic waveform from the resonator is introduced into the tissue along the muscle fibers by biomechanical stimulation.

BMS Therapeutic Apparatus can generate 5-30HZ natural biological vibration of muscles, fascia and other soft tissues along the direction of contraction / stretch through its unique Archimedes spiral, which can loosen soft tissues while promoting extracellular matrix Metabolism, change the excretion of metabolic wastes such as inflammatory factors, lactic acid, etc. to treat both the symptoms and the symptoms, and fundamentally relieve pain. The mechanical stimulation introduced into the body from the outside of the machine must be in accordance with the laws of the natural biological vibration model of the muscle to bring a positive and efficient treatment result.


Structural features

  • A configuration with three sizes of large, medium and small oscillating heads of different shapes is suitable for treatment of different indications

  • B External power supply or battery-powered design, easy to carry, convenient for doctors and therapists to implement treatment

  • C Treatment instrument special transport box, safe protection, easy to carry

  • D Digital display provides accurate frequency

  • E  Digital display shows the treatment time for doctors or therapists



Anti-inflammatory and trauma treatment

  • Swelling reductions

  • Hematoma, edema, lymphatic flow related diseases

  • Adhesion

  • Joint stiffness after trauma or braking

  • Difficult to heal wounds

Pain treatment and arthropathy

  • Unexplained joint muscle pain

  • Chronic specific back pain

  • Chronic pain syndrome

  • Chronic muscle pain and stiffness

  • Periarthritis

  • Excessive expansion of muscle fibers

  • Migraine

  • Phantom limb pain, etc.


Musculoskeletal & Fascial Treatment

  • Repetitive strain

  • Heel bone spurs and inflammation

  • Local musculoskeletal discomfort

  • Fibromyoma

  • Calf spasm

  • Tenopathy, such as tennis elbow, Achilles tendon pain

Neurological and preoperative preparation and postoperative rehabilitation

  • Radioactive pain, numbness

  • Nerve compression syndrome

  • Various pains caused by nerve damage

  • Postoperative pain, for example, after knee replacement or total prosthesis replacement

Other indications

  • Posture deformity

  • Regulate local or systemic low muscle strength or high tension


Clinical Cases

  • A Patient with hematoma received 5 BMS treatments

  • B Patient, after treatment of B diabetic foot with BMS therapeutic equipment: the patient has a 20-year history of diabetes, 2 kidney changes, amputation of one toe, unable to walk, and high pain

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