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WONDERWALL- Multifunctional MTT Training Wall

A multi-functional wall for warm-up, training and relaxation. The wall can be freely assembled according to the training purpose, the need of individual trainers and the venue conditions. At the same time, it can be used for storage, allowing for a best utilization of space. 



Flexible Installation

  • The attachments of the training wall can be easily adjusted and freely mounted in several seconds with the compact and simple fastening system.

Modular Structure

  • The WONDERWALL consists of several modules that can be assembled and fixed to a load-bearing wall to create a variety of training spaces, depending on the venue conditions. 

Personalized Design  

  • WONDERWALL is available in more than 40 color combinations to meet the aesthetic needs of users.



  • Training: strength training, functional training, etc.

  • Warm-up and relaxation recovery: muscle stretching, fascial training, etc.

  •  Equipment storage: equipped with small tool compartments to store a variety of training equipment, including yoga balls, foam shaft, peanut balls, etc.; special wall design can also bear the weight of barbell disks and other heavy objects.


Application Scenarios

  • ●①Gyms and small fitness studios

  • ●②Rehabilitation studios 

  • ●③Corporate health

  • ●④Home fitness 

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