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excio Pelvic Trainer

Excio GmbH has committed itself to the challenge to offer a training method for the therapy of the overleaf mentioned medical conditions,because these can be palliated or even eliminated by training of the pelvic floor muscles.The requirement of the development was to enable a therapy without bringing tubes into the body as well as a training without intimacy contact. The result of the development is our excio Pelvic Trainer.       


Optimal training by biofeedback function

The pressure sensor mounted into the seat registers the muscle contraction of the pelvic floor and visualizes it on a touch screen in front of the person using the training device.By this biofeedback the Pelvic Trainer offers both, users and therapists, the possibility to observe and to optimize the pelvic floor training. Furthermore, the sensor and the back cushion can be adapted perfectly to each customer, which guarantees an individual andeffective training.


Awake ambition by playful training

Training takes place according to exercise sequences, given on the monitor screen.The users follow the shown line by tensing the pelvic      floor muscles, holding the tension and relaxing.To increase the motivation another component can be added to the training. In a special

game mode, the patient controls a beam where a ball bounces off, like a squash game. By contracting the pelvic fl oor muscle this beam

can be moved up and by relaxing the muscles it can be moved down. This opportunity gives a high challenge to the training and awakes playful ambition.


Another feature is the chip card control which also enables to control the access to the training device. The chip card saves the training sequences and documents the training progress in a diagram. This opportunity offers enormous advantages in the use and marketing of the training equipment.


Scope of application

  • ●in case of incontinence(For man and wowam)

  • ●for pre- and postnatal training

  • ●dorsal pain

  • ●combats connective tissue weakness due to hormonal changes

  • ●during menopause

  • ●in case of uterus lowering

  • ●after prostatic surgeries

  • ●against back complaints

  • ●in case of erectile difficulties

  • ●as prevention training

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