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Assisted Sit-Stand Training System

The Sit2Stand assisted sitting training system can help the trainer with the help of the therapist, or train the sitting exercise independently. Through continuous repetitive training, the trainer's muscle strength, muscle endurance and flexibility are improved, helping the trainer to achieve independent completion. Sit down and stand up to improve the quality of life.



  • Adjustable auxiliary force: The minimum adjustable unit is about 2 kg. The recommended auxiliary force setting is 20-50% of the patient's weight.

  • Curved seat equipped with a swivel backrest-During seat training, the seat can adapt to the rotation of the trainer's pelvis and fit the trainer's lower back more naturally

  • Adjustable seat height: it can be adjusted according to the patient's leg length, height, hip movement and orthopedics

  • Removable safety armrest

  • Foot position indicator: Provide a reference for the therapist, assist in formulating the foot position during training, and ensure repeatable training in the correct position

  • Equipped with rollers and grip holes for easy and fast mobile equipment

  • Can be used in combination with BioSway static balance test training system: the patient's center of gravity balance can be viewed in real time in biological feedback


Scope of application

Sit2Stand has a wide range of uses, including:

  • Elderly rehabilitation

  • Lower limb muscle weakness

  • Sedentary patients


Sit2Stand components

  • A removable safety armrest

  • B swivel backrest

  • C safety strap

  • D Large curved seat

  • E unique range of motion limiter

  • F foot position indicator

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