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Intermittent Negative Pressure Therapy System

Based on the research of manned aerospace medicine and technology, in 1999 the Institute of Space Medicine of the German Aerospace Society (DLR) invented the first intermittent negative pressure device for the lower limbs. Since then, NASA has proposed intermittent negative pressure therapy based on intermittent negative pressure equipment for the lower limbs.

In addition to intermittent negative pressure therapy, it can be used to treat peripheral arterial obstructive disease,diabetic foot, restless leg syndrome, chronic venous insufficiency and chronic ulcer. Athletes accelerate their recovery speed after training and after competition, and promote rehabilitation after sports injuries.



  • Convenient: One-button remote control, interface is easy to understand;

  • Efficient: 8 types of treatment options to meet a variety of different needs in one stop;

  • Sturdy: The treatment cabin and console are made of all-aluminum for Audi cars;

  •   ●Flexible: The treatment bed can be adjusted forward and backward, which is convenient for patients with poor mobility, and the back of the treatment bed can be adjusted by remote control;

  • Intimate: the cabin is equipped with a heating system to ensure the patient's physical comfort;

  • Safety: equipped with an emergency stop button, which is convenient for patients to stop treatment at any time;

  • Unique: the shell design can be customized;


Vacumed has a wide range of uses, including:

Indications of the vascular system

  • Diabetic foot syndrome (gangrene)

  • Chronic wound

  • Chronic lower limb venous insufficiency

  • Edema / lymphedema and lipoedema

  • Vinous ulcer

  • Chronic wounds caused by venous disease combined with arterial disease


Indications for sports and rehabilitation: 

  • Post-traumatic / post-operative edema

  • Sprain

  • Contusion

  • Fracture

  • Ligament injury

  • Strain

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