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Kardiomed 521

Cardiopulmonary function aerobic endurance test training system

Kardiomed cardiopulmonary aerobic endurance test training system is a professional cardiovascular rehabilitation equipment, divided into type 521 and 700. Kardiomed 521 is used for the testing, evaluation and training of aerobic endurance and cardiopulmonary function, as well as endurance training and warm-up exercises.



  • Self-generating electromagnetic resistance system, no external power required

  • Quick start, heart rate, power training mode

  • Power 25-500 watts, accurate to 1 watt, speed 40-120 rpm

  • High-precision heart rate to precisely control the load and meet the standards of medical rehabilitation equipment

  • Support IC card system, Proxotrain training plan software, real-time central monitoring


Kardiomed 521 Cardiopulmonary Function Aerobic Endurance Test Training System

  • ●①Diagnosis of treadmill

  • ●②Basic treadmill

  • ●③Comfortable treadmill

  • ●④Upper Limb Power Car

  • ●⑤Standing limbs linkage


Scope of application

Kardiomed 521:

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation of neurology

  • Elderly rehabilitation

  • Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation

  • Sub-healthy people

  • Sport Injury and Preventive Medicine

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