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IDIAG P100 Respiratory Function Test and Training System

Respiratory function training is one of the essential therapies for rehabilitation. As an important life support system, cardiopulmonary function, especially a good one, provides sufficient "blood oxygen concentration" to the tissues of the body, which helps to maintain the "blood oxygen" supply required for their activity and repair. The Swiss IDIAG P100 Respiratory Training System is the only device that can simultaneously test endurance and strength capacities in the world. 



Precise Training

  • The P100 has unique sensors for respiratory flow, respiratory flow rate, CO2 and pressure, allowing individual adjustment of parameters such as breathing depth, respiratory volume, respiratory resistance and strength threshold. With the Test and Training App, it allows visualization of the cardiorespiratory training process.

Versatile Training

  • The P100 can be used together with a variety of endurance training equipment including power bikes and treadmills, making it possible to train with half the effort.

Specialized Training    

  • The P100 has been helping professionals with special needs train their cardiopulmonary functions for many years. The P100 is the only machine in the world that can be used for both endurance and strength test and training. 


Equipment Structure 

  • Main unit: consisting of a touch screen, CO2 sensor, pressure sensor, flow rate sensor and flow volume sensor; Bluetooth connection to mobile phones is available.

  • Mouthpiece: reusable by high-temperature sterilization, and replaceable.

  • Airbag: made of TPU, which supports chemical disinfection or high-temperature sterilization.


IDIAG P100 Test and Training APP

  • ●①Real-time monitoring of training, and conversion of scores into training parameters

  • ●②Training modes include free training, endurance training, strength training, and interval training

  • ●③Breathing rate, depth, resistance or functional threshold can be pre-set via the app

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