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Gait Trainer 3

Gait test training system

Gait Trainer 3 Gait Test Training System is a gait test training system designed for orthopedic patients, neurologists, elderly patients and pediatric patients.

Gait Trainer3 gait test training system can test the patient's gait and obtain the pace, walking distance, step length, walking cycle, left and right foot time distribution, and other more gait parameters. Comparison of reference data can help clinicians objectively and accurately evaluate patient gait.



  • Color touch screen display, visual biological feedback

  • Special running platform design, convenient for patients to go up and down
    (only 17 cm in height)

  • Electrical sensors are installed under the treadmill belt to sense the patient's footsteps at any time for testing, evaluating and training gait

  • Emergency brake safety belt, insurance button

  • Dual heart rate monitoring method (POLAR heart rate test chest strap and heart rate test handle), real-time monitoring training intensity

  • Testing and training software

  • Equipped with a protective frame for patients to support the upper body

  • Optional music therapy accessories for training under rhythmic auditory stimulation

  • Optional extension armrest, special handrail for geriatrics / pediatrics

  • Automated G-code Calculation and Impairment Level Reporting


Product functions

  • Test evaluation: Test and evaluate the patient's gait through standard test protocols: pace, walking distance, step length, walking cycle, left and right foot time allocation, and other more parameters

  • Objective evaluation report: The test and training report can record the entire testing and training process and provide objective data. The Gait Trainer 3 gait test training system compares step length, pace, and foot symmetry with normal values of the same age and gender

  • Biofeedback rehabilitation training: Visual biofeedback, patients can perform rehabilitation training through the footprint prompts given by the color screen, improving the effect of rehabilitation. Through music therapy, patients are given rhythmic auditory stimulation. The correct motion pattern of the patient is induced by the beat to help the patient improve step size, step frequency, and symmetry.


Scope of application

Gait Trainer 3 Has a wide range of uses, including:

  • Rehabilitation of neurology (stroke, paraplegia)

  • Orthopedics (lower limb injury, back injury) rehabilitation

  • Geriatric rehabilitation

  • Parkinson's syndrome rehabilitation

  • Amputation rehabilitation

  • Fall prevention


Gait Trainer 3 accessories

  • A Color touch screen, visual biological feedback

  • B Sound bar (included in optional music therapy accessories)

  • C Heart rate test handle and standard support bar

  • D Safety lanyard for emergency braking

  • E Running platform tilt range 0-15%

  • F Open platform is convenient for patients to use weight reduction and other optional handrails. The running platform is equipped with sensors to monitor and record the step length, pace, and left and right foot time distribution. The running platform conveyor can move forward and backward, and reverse speed. 0-4.8km / h, increase speed by 0.16km /h

  • G Printer and printer stand

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