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System 4

Multi-joint isokinetic strength test training system

Biodex S4 multi-joint isokinetic strength test and training system is the most widely used and most advanced strength test training system in the world. It can perform standardized tests and training on human upper limbs, lower limbs and trunk joints.

It has been the gold standard for rehabilitation for more than 30 years. It is the basic configuration of the rehabilitation department of a classic third-level general hospitalfunction evaluation and experimental testing equipment. It can implement the assessment of muscle strength and joint activity, and can be used simultaneously with the electromyography and clinical neurophysiological examination equipment.



  • Classic constant-speed equipment has a large number of references to support and many users.

  • Complete accessories for functional testing and training of each joint

  • Meet a variety of test training positions, power head, seat and test training accessories can be adjusted multiple times for shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle strength test training.

  • Patient test training procedure is easy to operate, the test items are standardized, and a standard database is provided. The test results are compared with the standard values

  • Provide multiple test training modes: including isometric, isokinetic, isotonic, CPM / active and passive, reactive centrifugation, proprioceptive test, centripetal / centripetal, centrifugal / centrifugal, centripetal / centrifugal and other tests Training mode.

  • The output data is rich and the report is detailed: including peak torque, average peak torque, ratio of active muscle to knot muscle, bilateral ratio, data curve and other data.

  • Able to connect EMG equipment for simultaneous testing.

  • Optional: Children's accessories, closed-chain accessories, low back accessories, knee anti-shear accessories, work simulation accessories, ISOMAP report function, neurology rehabilitation accessories.


Scope of application

System 4 has a wide range of uses, including:

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation of neurology

  • Sports Medicine Rehabilitation

  • Elderly rehabilitation

  • Work injury rehabilitation

  • Scientific research test


System 4 accessories

  • A seat back adjustable

  • B seat height adjustable

  • C seat position adjustable

  • D adjustable shoulder strap / thigh / hip belt

  • E Emergency stop button

  • F power head rotation adjustable

  • G power head tilt adjustable

  • H power head height adjustable

  • I power head position adjustable

  • J special accessories for joint function test and training

  • K computer control system and printer cart

  • L touch screen display and S4 dedicated strength testing and training software

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