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Deep muscle core strength training system

Traditional low back muscle strength training equipment uses rotation or flexion and extension to train only the superficial muscles of the human trunk. Developed specifically for lumbar spine function training, itensic training focuses on deep muscles near the spinal axis. By applying itensic to perform short-distance straight-line motion with a small amplitude, it can continue to forcibly stimulate the deep spine muscles, increase the core strength of the trunk, reduce or prevent lower back pain, and improve physical stability and posture control.

Traditional training equipment fixes the pelvis, the pelvis becomes the "fixed point" of training, and the spine becomes the "moving point" of training.

Itensic's deep muscle core strength training system uses the gravity generated by the device's inclination to induce the body's instinctive posture adjustment response, and directly trains the deep spine muscles in repeated anti-gravity exercises.


  • Simple and convenient: can be independently trained by therapist or according to his own situation

  • Comprehensive training: 3 different models of training equipment, which can effectively improve posture control muscle groups such as multifidus, iliopsoas, and gluteal muscles, and increase spinal stability

  • Intensity adjustment: Adjust the training intensity by adjusting the slope

  • Safety guarantee: Itensic will only be unlocked when the body muscles increase in tension and work against gravity, thereby avoiding spinal injuries and ensuring training safety


Itensic 3 different training equipments

  • f-effect (front) can easily train the lower abdominal muscles, especially the internal oblique and external oblique muscles with low participation. Compared with other training equipment, no compensatory exercise for hip flexors occurs during training.

  • s-effect (side) trains the transverse abdominal muscles. Compared with other training equipment, there is no compensatory exercise for hip abductor muscles during training.

  • b-effec (back) specially trains deep back muscles, especially multifidus muscles. Compared with other training equipment, no compensatory exercise of hip extensor muscles will occur during training.


Scope of application

  • Rehabilitation of neurology

  • Sports Medicine Rehabilitation

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation

  • Elderly rehabilitation

  • Specifically for the treatment and prevention of non-specific low back pain and other low back pain diseases

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