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NxStep Unweighing System

Weight loss rehabilitation training system

NxStep Unweighing System Weight loss rehabilitation training system can perform weight loss walking rehabilitation training for various patients. While ensuring the comfort and safety of the patient, the therapist using this training system can also easily observe and correct the patient's gait.

Can be used in conjunction with Gait Trainer 3 gait training system, or can be used alone for natural walking rehabilitation training



  • Retractable weight reduction frame for easy equipment movement

  • Single-point suspension design (allows the patient to tilt and rotate the pelvis slightly during walking)

  • Electronic weight loss display (allows therapist to precisely set the weight loss for patient training)

  • Automatic weight reduction function (The unique dynamic weight reduction design can move with the undulation of 1-10cm above and below the center of gravity of the patient during walking, thereby ensuring relatively constant weight reduction.)

  • The handheld remote control with magnet can be placed in different positions of the fuselage according to the needs, so that the therapist can adjust the weight loss parameters anytime and anywhere. Adjustable contents include height of weight reduction rod, weight reduction, and automatic weight reduction function.


适Scope of application

NxStep Unweighing System has a wide range of uses, including:

  • Rehabilitation of neurology (stroke, paraplegia)

  • Orthopedics (lower limb injury, back injury) rehabilitation

  • Geriatric rehabilitation

  • Parkinson's syndrome rehabilitation

  • Amputation rehabilitation

  • Fall prevention

  • Pediatric rehabilitation


NxStep Unweighing System 构件

  • A retractable weight reduction frame

  • B single-point suspension, allowing the patient to tilt left and right of the pelvis, allowing the patient to walk forward, laterally, and backwards

  • C electronic weight reduction display

  • D Precisely adjusted weight-loss protection belts, suitable for patients of different sizes

  • E Handheld remote control

  • F removable armrest

  • G rechargeable battery powers the device

  • H mobile casters: patients can change the direction of movement and lock

  • I comes standard with 1 therapist seat cushion, optional 1 pair

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