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Galileo Training APP

Galileo Training App is such a special program for muscle relaxation, low back pain and athletic ability improvement that you can perform vibration training on Galileo device anytime, anywhere. It is like an interactive training manual, which can help you choose and develop a tailored training plan among more than 200 training exercises, which meets individual needs. We classify exercises according to 20 different training goals, what will help you find suitable exercises for yourself.

Based on the exercises and intensity levels you choose, the Galileo Training App will provide you all relevant training parameters (duration, frequency, feet position, and wobble mode settings), in this way, Galileo training becomes simpler, funnier more and exciting.


Selectable training goals, exercises & intensity

In the "Free Training" mode, you can choose your favorite exercises from the exercise list according to the selected training goal (such as warm-up).

Each practice action can be set up to 6 different training intensity-from simple level to professional level.


Video Real-time display

Simply follow the actions shown in the video during training.


Detailed exercise explanation and notice

For each exercise, there is detailed explanation on the screen to show you how to perform the movement, and notes you need to know in order to get the best training results.

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