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Crisis simulation test training system

The BalanceTutor crisis simulation stress test training system can provide stress response tests and targeted unexpected posture disturbances in static and dynamic (walking) to train patients' posture control capabilities. The running belt that can suddenly accelerate and decelerate is fixed on a platform that can move suddenly to the left and right sides. The professional software of BalanceTutor crisis simulation stress test training controls the speed of the treadmill and the sudden acceleration, deceleration and the speed, acceleration and Amplitude, thus simulating the situation when the static and dynamic modes slip or trip.

The therapist can evaluate the personalized customized patient training program based on the test. The device is equipped with safety straps and emergency stop buttons to ensure the safety of patient training. In addition to the direction of the disturbing movement, the speed, acceleration, frequency, and time of occurrence of the disturbing movement can be personalized according to the patient's ability and rehabilitation needs. The BalanceTutor crisis simulation stress test training system can significantly improve posture control ability and prevent falls, thereby improving the patient's quality of life.



  • Easy to set up

  • Test and determine the patient's easy falling direction

  • Various rehabilitation programs

  • Measure and record the pressure center (COP)

  • Incentive and personalized rehabilitation video games

  • Objectively assess and record the patient's rehabilitation progress



  • Orthopedic rehabilitation

  • Neurology rehabilitation

  • Geriatric rehabilitation 

  • Sports medicine rehabilitation

  • Vestibular rehabilitation

  • Scientific research


BalanceTutor widget

  • A suspension bracket

  • B Emergency brake button

  • C touch screen display

  • D security strap

  • E treadmill that can move left / right, sudden acceleration / deceleration

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