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Coordination forms the fifth pillar of motor skills, along with strength, endurance, speed, and agility.It is the very basis of every movement, and thus mandatory for all forms of training.Coordination is essential for injury prevension and improvement of balance, from top athletes to seniors, and should therefore be trained throughout your lifetime. Success is quickly apparent.Coordination forms an integral part of rehabilitation with orthopedic injuries and neurological diseases.With Sensopro, coordination can be attained easily and autonomously.The increased fun-factor motivates efficiency and endurance in the work out.



The Video Kit is a powerful touch screen with unique training soft ware that allows users to choose between different categories and programs. After a brief introduction by a trainer or therapist , the Video Kit will provide the user with professional instruct ions so that the user can train autonomously. The programs are divided into three categories: Health, Fitness and Performance. The categories are based on the level of performance and the specific goals of the individual user. A program consists of 5 levels. It starts at level 1 and each level should be completed at least 3 times before progressing to the next level. Every level takes 10 minutes to complete.



  • Sensopro is an established concept in physiotherapy as well as in health training. It eases the facilitation of and training itself for therapist s, trainers and patients. The range of people who benefit from this training varies from Parkinsons patients on the one side to top athletes recovering from knee injury on the other.

  • In particular the elderly can improve their balance through this training and regain their mobility and independence. The individual training sessions have a progressive structure and due to high variation guarantee optimal injury prevention and improvement of balance. The joint-friendly design allows holistic and painfree training.



  • The long neglect ed ability to coordinate movement becomes attractive again through the easy-to-implement training and gets the attention it deserves.Coordination together with strength, endurance and agility training enables a complete workout. Special programs help to prevent unnatural stress placed on joints and injury in leisure, sport and work.

  • With the holistic approach to training, Sensopro not only promotes an optimal warm-up, it could also be used during training and cool-down. Coordination training is flexible and adapts optimally to the requirements of the individual.



  • In competitive sports the sensorimotor skills have to be re-learned in rehabilitation. Sensopro combines everything into a simple training system, which allows every athlete an efficient and independent training experience.Well-founded injury prevention exercises is essential to minimize the need to go for rehabilitation in the first place. Coordination training forms the cornerstone of injury prevention exercises.

  • Good coordination is only really helpful when it can function under strain. Therefore these movements have to be learned under fatigue.Improvement in movement control plays a key role in making motion management more precise and efficient.

  • The joint-friendly design not only helps injured athletes to train pain-free, but at a higher intensity.



  • SHORTY for a quick warm-up or cool-down.

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