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cardioscan Testcenter

cardioscan offers its products as an all-round concept. This includes the cardioscan Test Center. This is the means by which the cardioscan Checkpoint is integrated into the process in the fitness studio or doctor’s surgery. The really special thing is: the Test Center is made to measure. In other words, it is adapted to fit the spatial requirements and options available in your studio or surgery. Health, an initial check-up and monitoring are all given a professional look this way. The advantage for you as a health servicer provider: the Test Center highlights your competence and has a promotional advertising effect. Your customers will actively enquire about the test service, forming an additional way for you to acquire and keep new customers.


Testing includes:

  • Heart and stress test

  • Body composition analysis

  • Blood pressure and lifestyle

  • Metabolic analysis

  • Physical fitness test


cardioscan CS-3 effect accessory

  • 1 equipment box

  • 25 electrode (including test card)

  • Install service pack

  • Generate accurate three-dimensional electrocardiogram images and determine the psychological stress index-the basis for safe, optimized training.


Bodyscan Body Composition Analyzer

For the analysis of human body composition, the professional analysis of body composition (body fat, body fluid, muscle mass, lean body weight, fat ratio and cell index) is carried out by using bioimpedance analysis (BIA) technology, and the training effect is recorded-motivation Customers regularly participate in training


Blood pressure meter and lifestyle detection system accessory

  • Full-automatic upper blood pressure monitor with universal sleeve

Measure blood pressure, assess other relevant risk factors, and record activity levels—your customers always have all the information they need to keep training safe and healthy.


Metabolicscan metabolic scanner

Used to analyze human body gas metabolism, resting metabolic rate and metabolic characteristics.

Accurate analysis of an individual's metabolic profile, including information on fat and carbohydrate consumption-the foundation of effective training and nutrition programs.


Physical Fitness Test Module

Extension of Resting Metabolism Test. Can complete individual exercise load test. The test process is comfortable, without the need to wear a breathing mask, including IPN sub-limit aerobic endurance test and PWC endurance test program.

Fitness test diagnosis includes checking and testing process of customer's athletic ability level, using this as a starting point to design results-oriented training programs for them.


Disposable material

  • Electrode: 50-1000

  • Metabolism set: 50-200

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