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Pneumatic limb circulation promotion device

LymphaTouch uses the physical principle of negative pressure suction to creatively present the technique of manual lymphatic drainage. It can reduce edema and is suitable for the treatment of edema, pain and connective tissue adhesion after and after trauma. LymphaTouch can effectively promote post-exercise recovery and rehabilitation of sports injuries.



LymphaTouch simplifies complicated manual lymphatic drainage and requires less technical skills from therapists. LymphaTouch and other therapies, such as pressure bandages and air pressure waves, can achieve better results. In addition, product advantages include

  • Compact and lightweight, with a battery life of up to 10 hours

  • Equipped with a large-sized touch screen, which can set negative pressure value, treatment time and treatment mode

  • Different size suction mouths, suitable for different human body parts

  • Treatment intensity can be adjusted according to patient needs, suitable for the most sensitive tissues


Treatment principle

LymphaTouch uses the principle of negative pressure suction to achieve different treatment goals by accurately setting the negative pressure value, pulse time and vibration of the treatment area. LymphaTouch pulls the skin through negative pressure suction, which pulls the anchor wire connected to the capillary lymphatics and the skin, expands the endothelial cell space of the capillary lymphatics, promotes the interstitial fluid into the capillary lymphatics, and further returns through the anterior collecting lymphatic and collecting lymphatic.


Application areas and indications

  •  swelling (postoperative or injury)

  •  Lymphedema (primary and secondary, such as secondary lymphedema after breast cancer surgery)

  •  Promote wound healing

  •  loosen adhesions


Application in other fields

  •  Relieves muscle tension

  • Adjuvant treatment of fascial disorders

  •  Promote nerve flexibility between tissues

  •  Edema caused by contracture of scar tissue

  •  musculoskeletal diseases

  •  Combining physical therapy with symptomatic treatment

  •  Rehabilitation of sports injuries (ligament and muscle injury)

  •  Speed up recovery after heavy training

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