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Static balance test training system

BioSway is a portable static balance test and training device. It includes all static isometric tests and training, mainly used for elderly patients and neurologists. Therapists can easily carry them to patients' homes, nursing centers, hospitals and other places for static balance testing and training.

The test can determine the risk of a patient's fall and generate a test report. Visual biofeedback balance training can improve the patient's ability to balance while reducing the risk of falling.



  • Portable

  • Simple installation and easy operation, color touch screen display, visual biological feedback

  • 3 test modes and 6 training modes

  • Automated G-code Calculation and Impairment Level Reporting

  • VibroTactile System (optional): The third type of feedback outside the auditory and visual biological feedback mode, a test and evaluation system for patients with vestibular dysfunction.

  • Optional: display support, printer and printer stand



BioSway has a wide range of uses, including:

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation of neurology

  • Sports Medicine Rehabilitation

  • Elderly rehabilitation


BioSway components

  • A color touch screen display, visual biological feedback

  • B monitor support is adjustable (optional)

  • C printer and printer stand (optional)

  • D CTSIB test cushion

  • E balance test tablet

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