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Limb linkage medical treadmill

Biostep is a semi-horizontal elliptical machine that conforms to human biomechanics. It uses a smooth and continuous elliptical motion trajectory and the motion mode is a closed-chain motion of the limbs cycle, which simulates the rhythm and law of the hands and feet moving each other when the human body walks.

It is designed with practicality and durability in mind to meet the needs of orthopedics, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and sports medicine, fitness and general preventive training programs.

It can improve the user's cardiopulmonary function and endurance, joint range and muscle strength, while promoting user metabolism, preventing other complications, and improving quality of life.


  • 1: 1 coordinated movement of the upper and lower limbs, which conforms to the natural upper and lower limb swing frequency to form an elliptical motion trajectory-can provide a smooth and continuous 'zero joint impact' (spindle design handle, pedal design, can provide wrist joints and lower limbs in upper limb movement Normal neutral position of the ankle during exercise, reducing impact on the wrist, forearm and elbow, and ankle and knee.) Exercise

  • Self-powered, no external voltage required, can be used everywhere

  • Constant resistance mode, divided into 20 adjustable resistance levels, to adapt to different body conditions (patients)

  • Heart rate monitoring: equipped with contact heart rate monitoring armrest, Polar ECG telemetry device (Polar heart rate belt is optional)

  • The seat can be rotated 90 degrees, which is convenient for patients to get on and off the equipment

  • Advanced fixing set (optional): 1 pair of foot restraint pads, 1 pair of calf support frame, 1 pair of wrist fixing straps


Scope of application

Biostep has a wide range of uses, including:

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation of neurology

  • Elderly rehabilitation

  • Sports Medicine Rehabilitation


Biostep components

  • A seat is adjustable front and back, can be rotated 90 degrees

  • B seat belt / removable seat armrest

  • C contact heart rate monitor armrest

  • D display panel

  • E axis grip handle, adjustable position

  • F safety armrest

  • G pedal

  • H horizontal support pad

  • I wheels

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