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The University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Hospital

  • Time:2017-01-17
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The Hong Kong University Shenzhen Hospital is a large-scale comprehensive public hospital invested by the Shenzhen Municipal Government and introducing the modern management model of the University of Hong Kong. The total investment of the hospital is about 4 billion yuan, covering an area of 192,000 square meters and a total construction area of 367,000 square meters. After all put into use, there will be nearly 2,000 beds,, and the average daily outpatient volume is 8000-10,000. The hospital started trial operation on July 1, 2012, gradually introduced world-class advanced hospital management experience and medical technology, and provided quality medical services to citizens through reform and innovation and complementary resources.
With the help of the international diagnosis and treatment model and the technical strength of Hong Kong experts, the hospital will gradually open 20 diagnosis and treatment centers and 12 medical technology centers in the future in accordance with the development thinking of "college specialists and small comprehensives", and introduce comprehensive cancer treatment and reproduction in Hong Kong University. Medical and prenatal diagnosis, orthopedics and trauma, cardiovascular, organ transplantation and other five major medical specialties. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of citizens and foreigners for diversified medical services, the hospital set up an international medical center to provide international high-end medical care services with international advanced level and humanistic care. In the future, the hospital will strive to build a modern, digital, and comprehensive public hospital that integrates medicine, teaching, and research into a "first-class domestically and internationally well-known", loyally maintaining and promoting the physical and mental health of citizens. The hospital passed the Australian Agency for Medical Services Standards (ACHS) full body certification in September 2015, and formally became a national third-level general hospital in November 2017.

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