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The accidental fall of a 95-year-old man, and the birth of “power rehabilitation”

  • Time:2019-08-29
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My relationship with my grandmother has always been particularly good. My grandmother fell at the age of 95 and fractured the femur and tibia. Prior to that, she was in very good health and had never been to the hospital. After she broke her leg, she had been ill in bed, losing her health and vitality ever since. When my grandmother was 99, she died peacefully in my arms. I will never forget this incident, and it has made me sad for a long time, because I have always believed that if my grandmother did not fall, she would definitely live to be over 100 years old. This experience caused me to think about how the elderly can prevent falls and how to recover through high-quality training. The regrets left by my grandmother have inspired me to develop today's “regeneration”. -Swiss, Antoni Mora, CEO of Sorehsa AG


From "Power rehabilitation” in Japan to " Power rehabilitation” China

Studies have shown that science and proper exercise in the elderly can promote the plasticity of the nervous system, strengthen the cellular connections between the brain, generate more synapses to expand the neural network, stimulate the differentiation of new-born stem cells in the hippocampus and form functional neurons. Physical activity increases the number of neurotrophic factors necessary for neuron regeneration and neural plasticity, thereby maintaining brain formation and effectively preventing the occurrence of neurodegenerative diseases such as cerebral ischemia, Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's syndrome.


Twenty years ago, Antoni Mora led a team to study the training methods, training load and intensity suitable for the elderly. And in Japan, one of the fastest aging countries, training for the elderly over the age of 70, successfully implemented an elderly rehabilitation program, and named this program power rehabilitation. Power rehabilitation effectively helps the elderly in Japan to restore physical function and delay aging. Through training, the mobility of the elderly has been significantly improved. In Japan, starting from six pilot centers 20 years ago, more than 3,500 power rehabilitation centers have been completed.


After reviewing the rehabilitation experience of Japan's "power rehabilitation", in 2019, Soreha has designed an elderly rehabilitation program for Chinese elderly institutions. Based on the successful experience of power rehabilitation, the China power rehabilitation plan incorporates the MTT medical training therapy concept that is widely recognized and highly respected in the field of sports rehabilitation in Europe. China power rehabilitation is different from traditional medical rehabilitation and rehabilitation for geriatric diseases. China power rehabilitation aims at comprehensively improving physical functions, delaying aging, preventing disability, and bringing higher quality of life to the elderly in China.

Following Health China 2030

In order to implement the strategy of "Health China", in coordination with China's Aging Development Foundation, Soreha officially cooperated with the five-star elderly care institution in Botou City, Fuxingyuan Senior Care in Hebei Province. Soreha Power Rehabilitation elderly rehabilitation project was launched.

After nearly a year of planning and preparation, the project was officially launched in Fuxingyuan on August 25. Zhu Wanyong, consultant of China Aging Development Foundation, Zhang Junhu, secretary-general of China Ageing Aging Development Foundation, Li Xuehong, director of Botou Civil Affairs Bureau, Fuxingyuan and Soreha senior management and senior citizens in Botou attended project ceremony of Soreha Power Rehabilitaiton.


Sorehsa AG CEO Antoni Mora


The national loving care project construction base—Botou Fuxingyuan Senior Care is located in the one-hour traffic circle around Beijing and Tianjin. As a pilot institution for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei elderly care, Fuxingyuan has paid close attention to the problem of old-age care for the elderly in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas. Since its completion in 2012, it has persisted in building a four-in-one model of “medical, nursing, health, and education”. The total construction area of Fuxingyuan Phase I and Phase II is 62,000 square meters, with 1,520 beds and a total investment of 330 million yuan. There are more than 100 professional medical and nursing teams composed of deputy chief physicians, physicians, rehabilitation physicians, and nurses with rich clinical experience.

With this cooperation, Soreha will conduct in-depth cooperation with Botou Fuxingyuan in the aspects of brand building, curriculum design and effect tracking, treatment team training, and project promotion of the Chinese elderly rehabilitation training center. We believe that under the guidance of the Healthy China policy, with the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration and a number of favorable policies, through the efforts of both parties, the Soreha Power Rehabilitation suitable for the elderly in China will definitely help more elderly return to a high-quality vitality life !!

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