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The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

  • Time:2017-01-17
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The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a large-scale comprehensive TCM hospital. Founded in 1964, it is one of the important bases for clinical education, medical treatment, and scientific research in higher Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and the first batch of Guangdong Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospitals. In 2015, it was approved to establish the "Guangdong Provincial Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical Research" and the "Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Lingnan Medical Research Center". In February 2016, it became the clinical research base of traditional Chinese medicine in Guangdong Province. Has won the "National May Day Labor Award", "National Advanced Collective of Health System", "National Advanced Unit of Professional Ethics", "National Advanced Collective of Traditional Chinese Medicine Emergency Work", "National Advanced Unit of High Quality Nursing Service of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital", " Civilized units in Guangdong Province "and other titles. In 1994, Han Suyun, a good soldier who treated necrosis of the femoral head for free, was well-known throughout the country, and was praised by the then leading comrades of the central government and praised from all walks of life.

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