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​CityReha has officially become a cooperated care company with direct-billing of Volkswagen AG!

  • Time:2019-07-18
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CityReha under Sorehsa AG group has established the cooperation with the insurance company under German VW group. All employees of Audi, VW and Porsche under the VW group are welcomed to visit CityReha.


CityReha is a prime healthcare provider committed to offer high quality outpatient Physiotherapy and Medical Training Therapy services in elegant state-of-the-art facilities.

 The insurance company contracted with CityReha is an exclusive insurance company under the Volkswagen Group. The cooperation with the company's insurance company was the first trial of CityReha, which provided a strong basis for exploring new business models. For insurance companies, their users have increased their options for managing their own health. Through professional and personalized training programs, they help users return to high-quality life!

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